In what now appears to be taking on the shape and form of a “Me too” movement, more and more women are coming out to share their disturbing experiences in the hands of rowdy boda bodas.

Radio Jambo’s famous presenter Masawe Japanni, well-known for her midmorning show Bustani La Masawe shared a scary incident that she had, involving bodas.

While on the topic of the recent incident which took place on Forest Road, Masawe wondered if it had to take such a despicable happening for the government to toss itself into the thick of action.

She noted that boda bodas have been a menace all along, and this wasn’t the first time they had acted in brazen contravention of the law.

Drawing from her own experience, she narrated how she had once been involved in a minor fender bender with a fellow motorist. The victim who, according to her, was a very gracious man, was quite understanding.

In a matter of minutes, they had already agreed on a solution and the issue was solved. However, barely had she gotten into her car and driven off, to her shock and horror, she realised that a gang of boda bodas had descended on her motor vehicle.

They vandalised it, breaking the windows and damaging her door. She wondered what exactly was their reason for doing this.

Just last week, a group of boda bodas harrassed and sexually assaulted a female motorist on Forest Road. 16 bodaboda riders who were arrested in connection to the incident were arraigned on Wednesday.

They appeared before Milimani court where police are seeking to detain them for 20 days to complete their investigations. Yesterday, the court allowed police to hold them for 15 more days.

On Monday, Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said five motorcycles had also been seized over the assault case.

CS Fred Matiangi had condemned the incident and called for immediate arrest of those involved.

Matiang’i termed the incident as disgusting even as he expressed his commitment to bringing to book those involved.

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