Citizen TVEditorial Director Linus Kaikai recalled facing a dilemma after former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko presented audio recordings and documents implicating embattled High Court judge Said Chitembwe.

Speaking during theNewsgangsegment on Thursday, February 9, Kaikai revealed that Sonko called him, disclosing that he had incriminating evidence against Chitembwe.

At first, Kaikai doubted Sonko. He then invited him to Royal Media Services (RMS), where the former Governor arrived carrying documents and secret audio recordings.

TheCitizen TVanchor was stunned after Sonko played the audio recordings and further tabled the documents implicating Chitembwe.

AsCitizen TV’s editorial director, Kaikai was conflicted about publishing the story or waiting for the court’s decision.

“The case Sonko brought to our attention involved High Court judge Said Chitembwe. And I must admit that at the time, most of it read like cruel fiction.

My pinch of salt graduated to a handful when Sonko played the recordings of what now turns out to be the true account of the conduct of justice Said Chitembwe, as now confirmed by a tribunal that this week recommended his removal from the Judiciary,” Kaikai reminiscenced.

“On the day, my editorial cautiousness was at its best and as rules of journalistic gut dictate, whenever in doubt – do not publish. I still could not place the contents of the recordings against the fact that justice Said Juma Chitembwe had even made the shortlist for Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya,” he recalled the tense moment.

However, Kaikai stated that Sonko was vindicated after a tribunal appointed by former President Uhuru Kenyatta 

, recommended the removal of Chitembwe.

He further argued that the findings exposed some loopholes in the Judicial system. He called for comprehensive introspection into the state of the country’s justice system and the legal players.

“Among the charges sustained, justice Chitembwe acquired a beneficial interest in a parcel of land that was subject to a case he was presiding at the High Court in Malindi,” he stated.

“The tribunal further established that justice Chitembwe conducted himself inappropriately in the impeachment case against then-governor Mike Sonko. Money changed hands in both cases, with the judge asking for his cut in dollars and dirhams,” Kaikai explained.

Following the tribunal recommendations, President William Ruto is set to make the final decision that would see Chitembwe lose his job.

“The Tribunal finds, therefore, that the Judge was engaged in the subversion of justice through commenting and advising a litigant on matters pending in court contrary to Article 75(c) of the Constitution, and Regulation 18 of the Code of Conduct and Ethics,” Judge Mumbi Ngugi-led tribunal stated.

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