Uhuru Exposes What DCI Did During Night Raid

Days after  police raided the home of former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Jomo, the former Head of State has once again spoken about the incident claiming that there was a plan to plant guns and drugs on him during the Friday night operation.

During a meeting with news editors on Monday, Mr Kenyatta also addressed the alleged cache of guns allegedly held by his two sons, Jomo and Muhoho.

“This gun issue is surrounded by lots of propaganda to divert attention from what has been happening,” he told the senior journalists.

“I believe they wanted to plant drugs and guns in my son’s compound.”

An angry Kenyatta says the incident hurt him.

“I went because of a distress call from my son; I was not drunk, I was extremely hurt,” he said.

The former president claims that his two sons own six guns in total, three each, and that all of the firearms are legally registered. He clarified that his daughter Ngina does not own a firearm.

According to the former President, none of the boys have received orders to surrender their firearms as has been claimed in the media and by top government officials.

After the raid on younger Kenyatta’s home,  the government confirmed raiding three homes in Nairobi’s Karen 

area in search of 23 firearms allegedly used to perpetrate illegal operations in the country during the ongoing anti-government protests.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said security agencies had been tasked to search the area as part of a broader operation which seeks to weed out civilian firearm holders and leaders of known criminal gangs.

“Today afternoon, an operation has been going on targeting three homesteads within the Karen area where a total of 23 firearms, some of which are suspected to have been used in illegal activities are kept,” CS Kindiki said in the statement released on Friday night.

Kenyatta also revealed that he has been forced to share his security with his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, after her security was withdrawn last week.

“The benefits my mum enjoys are not because of me but because she is a former First Lady,” he said.

“We have to hire private security guards.”

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