Ruto Creates More Cabinet Positions For These People

President William Ruto’s recent decision to create three new ministries – Gender, Culture, and Art and Heritage – has raised eyebrows and sparked controversy.

This move seems to contradict his earlier promises of creating more positions for his people.

During his political campaign, Ruto had emphasized the need to empower marginalized communities and uplift the lives of ordinary citizens.

However, his decision to establish new ministries appears to prioritize the expansion of the government bureaucracy over delivering on these promises.

Critics argue that the creation of these ministries may be more about political maneuvering than genuine concern for gender equality, cultural preservation, or the promotion of arts and heritage.

Some worry that these ministries may merely serve as avenues for political patronage and job creation for Ruto’s allies.

As Ruto’s administration moves forward, it remains to be seen how these new ministries will function and whether they will truly benefit the people or serve other political agendas.

The President will need to address these concerns to maintain public trust and credibility.

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