The Esther Muoria Council for Vocational and Technical Education says that students who attend different universities are trained, tested and graduated on the same campus, and this should be the same for students who attend different universities. members in national polytechnics.

She spoke at the handover ceremony of the dairy processing unit set up by the Canadian government in Nyeri as part of the Kenya Employment Education Program (KEFEP).

Dr Muoria said: “Just as the university trains and tests its students and grants them degrees, I see no reason why people in TVET institutions should be awarded the National Examinations Board of Kenya. level test.

She added that the national polytechnics will be in contact with the TVET Authority to ensure that all polytechnics and vocational training institutions have an inspection body.

“The Ministry of Education is charged with producing qualified young people, which is much more necessary than academic papers. Chinese entrepreneurs have come to me and said they are not interested in paperwork but in the skills needed to fit in the labor market if we are to eliminate unemployment,” she said.

High Commissioner for Canada Christopher Thornley said the government of Canada will continue to support Kenya’s development goals, with a focus on women entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as well as skills development for young people.

“The Government of Canada has supported 10 national polytechnics because they recognize the importance of technical vocational education in developing practical skills, producing the critical thinkers and innovators needed. for economic diversification and gender equality is an essential activity,” he said.

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