Eve Mungai Steps Out Half Naked

Two weeks ago, Kenyan content creator and businessman, Thee Pluto, celebrated his birthday in style, hosting a memorable birthday bash attended by friends and fellow Kenyan celebrities.

Despite Thee Pluto’s initial efforts to keep the event low-key, some details have surfaced, sparking a buzz on social media, particularly regarding YouTuber Eve Mungai’s choice of attire.

In a brief but widely circulated video clip, popular vlogger Eve Mungai was seen wearing a daringly short dress with a top that left little to the imagination.

The clip captured Eve Mungai and other partygoers joyfully singing to the popular Mugithi song “Wikû wikû” and showcased her impressive dancing skills as she grooved to the Kikuyu hit.

The video generated mixed reactions from Kenyans, with some expressing their disapproval of Eve Mungai’s outfit choice. Some fans criticized her attire as disrespectful, especially given her apparent happy relationship status. Here are some of the reactions:

  1. “Kwani alidhani anaenda swimming pool? 😂😂”
  2. “Vaa nguo dear… this is wrong… 😭😭”
  3. “Pesa kidogo mmeanza kutembea uchi?”
  4. “It was a party; she can wear what she wants. It’s her time to enjoy! Yawaaa.”

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