A Female Student Slits Her Own Throat Over Love

Police in Machakos County are currently investigating the tragic death of an 18- year- old first- year college student, Mercy Jerono Kwambai, whose lifeless body was discovered in Athi River, situated within Machakos County.

The incident occurred on September 8, 2023, when Mercy, a student enrolled at Daystar University on the Athi River campus, is believed to have taken her own life within a dormitory located in the Daystar district of Athi River South, which is the neighborhood housing the university.

On September 9, at approximately 3: 15 in the morning, the authorities received a report of a suicide incident at the Athi River police station. Patrick Darizu, the university’ s security coordinator, had alerted the police to the distressing event.

A segment of the police report, as reviewed by The Star, contains vital details: ” He reported that there was a body of a female first- year student lying in a pool of blood at the Patience West hostel washroom at Daystar University. “

The report continued, ” It was established that the deceased, Mercy Jerono Kwambai, had locked herself inside the toilet and committed suicide by stabbing herself on the left side of the chest using a kitchen knife. ” Upon receiving the report, police officers and DCI personnel promptly visited the scene and confirmed the nature of the tragic incident.

The grim discovery of Mercy’ s lifeless body was made by her fellow students, who resorted to climbing over the restroom walls and unlocking the door to gain access. This information was promptly provided to the authorities, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Following the processing and photographing of the scene by law enforcement, the deceased’ s body was transferred to the morgue at Shalom Community Hospital. It now awaits the results of the postmortem examination, a critical step in determining the exact cause and circumstances of Mercy Jerono Kwambai’ s untimely passing.

This heart- wrenching incident underscores the importance of addressing mental health issues within educational institutions, and it serves as a somber reminder of the need for support systems and resources to assist students in times of emotional distress.

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