Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju has disclosed plans to kick Deputy President William Ruto out of government.

The outspoken Jubilee spokesperson said they are in the process of removing an embattled Ruto as the ruling outfit’s deputy party leader.

Speaking to a local media , the Cabinet Secretary without a portfolio said they were exploring different legal opinions on the matter.
“The next NMC will address that matter. We will then make an announcement,” Tuju said.

The former Rarieda MP argued the DP had broken the Jubilee constitution by promoting the interests of the United Democratic Alliance.

“There are different legal opinions on whether the position of the deputy president is necessarily tied to the position of the deputy party leader. Jubilee will move to Supreme Court, which we expect will clarify the matter,” he added.

A month ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta dared his deputy of nine years to resign from the Jubilee government as he was seemingly dissatisfied with it.

In an interview with media editors on Monday, August 23, at State House Nairobi, a seemingly vexed Uhuru said if Ruto is as unhappy as he seems with his government, he should resign and take his agenda to the people.

Uhuru said that while he does not have a problem with Ruto’s incessant politicking, he was wrong to go against the same government he is serving.

Ruto, however, said he was in the Jubilee government to stay and that threats from his enemies who want him to resign from his current position won’t work.

“I’m a man on a mission. I have no space to retreat nor the luxury to surrender,” Ruto said on Tuesday, August 24.

The DP also stated threats and intimidations from state officials would not cow him. He claimed there were attempts to frustrate his campaigns to sell his bottom-up economic agenda to Kenyans.

He argued the bottom-up economy would ensure that the jobless and small-scale businessmen struggling to make ends meet become part of the nation.

Sourced from Tuko

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