You might really enjoy turning up the heat on your plate, but you should be aware that while eating chili peppers that can help speed up your metabolism, consuming an excessive amount of hot peppers can also have a number of negative side effects. When you consume an excessive amount of chili peppers, the following will occur in your body:

1 It will make your heartburn worse. Spicy peppers can make heartburn and stomach ulcers much worse. Heartburn can be made even worse by eating spicy peppers. If you are experiencing symptoms of acid reflux, it is recommended that you reduce the amount of peppers in your diet. Put some yogurt or sour cream on your plate and drizzle some sour cream over the hot chili to cool it down.

Cause loose motions: When the hot pepper hits your intestine, it can act as an irritant and get things moving. This can cause you to have loose motions. Capsaicin, which is found in pepper, can act as a laxative and cause you to urgently need to use the restroom.

Irritate your lips: If you’ve ever popped a hot pepper and then touched your eye, you know how painfully it can hurt. If you’ve ever done that, try it now on your lips. Pepper is an irritant that can cause your skin and lips to become irritated. Applying some lip balm prior to consuming foods that are hot and spicy will help create a barrier that will protect your sensitive lips.

4. Lack of Sensitivity. Consuming foods that are hot and spicy over a long period of time can dull the sensitivity of your taste buds. Therefore, the next time you make your favorite sabzi or dal, give adding red chili powder or bhut jhalokia chilli some serious consideration before you do so.

5. Cause you to perspire: Putting a lot of spicy peppers on your plate will likely cause you to perspire. Because capsaicin causes your body to heat up, you may find that you sweat a lot more than usual after consuming it.

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