A secondary school in Elgeyo Marakwet County is on the spot after the suspension of students over what it terms as immoral activities.

Some parents claimed their daughters were suspended at Sing’ore Girls High school for engaging in lesbianism.

According to the parents, 20 students were suspended this week after being subjected to a disciplinary process.

A letter addressed to one of the suspended students, who has registered for the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), states that she was sent home for engaging in immoral activities, molesting other students, sharing beds and sneaking out of her dormitory at night.

The student’s mother, who has been fighting to have her daughter return to school since Tuesday, said she appeared before the disciplinary panel, comprising board members and teachers, and was informed that her daughter is suspected to be a lesbian.

“I asked for the evidence, but the disciplinary panel could not produce it,” said the mother.

“I was also accused of not guiding my child while at home and asked to transfer her to a different school or allow her to repeat Form Three. How can I transfer a student who has already registered for KCSE?”

The parent vowed to sue the school if her daughter is not allowed back by Monday.

“I am engaging a lawyer because I know the disciplinary panel did not give my daughter a fair hearing,” she said.

Another parent said her daughter, a Form Three student, was allowed to return to school and resume studies after they failed to find any evidence.

The parent said the disciplinary panel told her that the students were sleeping in pairs, against the school regulations.

One suspended student claimed that some Form Three students, caught sneaking into another dormitory last week, mentioned her during the interrogation.

School Board of Management chairperson Anita Kimwatan said she could not comment on the matter, claiming she was not part of the team that suspended the girls.

“I have been out of the country and not in a position to comment on the issue,” Ms Kimwatan.

Elgeyo Marakwet County Director of Education Kituyi Masibo said the suspended students are free to appeal the verdict at the County Education Board if they feel they were not given a fair hearing.

“I am yet to know the specific details of the immoral activities that the students were engaged in,” he said.

“School boards can make decisions and even stop a student who has registered for national exams from doing tests. Things must run smoothly in our schools.”

Sourced from The standard

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