Raila Odinga has made a number of promise to Kenyan’s tbat he will fulfill within his first 100 days in office as the President of Kenya.

They includes the following:-

1)Economic stimulus and recovery program to be established.

2) Minimum guarantee for farmers.

3) Establish affordable credit for livestock production.

4) Introduce a livestock insurance scheme for farmers.

5) Life sentence as punishment for poaching, trafficking and ivory possession

Introduce surveillance in national parks.

6) Come up with legislations to guide the sector of agriculture.

7) Waive fees for registration of youth’s innovation ideas.

8) Give incentives for investment in manufacturing to Kenyan’s.

9) Lay the roadmap to the reduction in cost of energy and increase it.

10) Fund and train bodaboda riders.

11) Expand programmes that connect youths to global networkz this will be under online working.

12) Negotiate debt restructuring to ease burden on Kenyan’s.

13) Implement 6,000 Kenya shillings cash transfer to vulnerable families every month.

14) Single mothers to get assistance.

15) Kazi mtaani to continue.

17) Review cost of living focusing on Fuel, energy, mobile Data and energy.

18) Introduce Baba Care health insurance.

19) All untrained teachers to be absorbed.

20) Ensure the police serve the people and not molest innocent Kenyan’s.

21) Improve services of kdf and police.

22) Corruption surveillance to be undertaken.

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