Mike Mbuvi Sonko the former governor of Nairobi county is well reknown for helping the poor and the less fortunate in the society especially those going though hard situations outside the country.

Some days ago he brought back the body of a kenyan girl who was burried in Saudi arabia by the name Jecinta Mugure Kamau.

She has also been following the case of mercy mbula who was also killed in Saudi Arabia by her fellow Kenyan lady in a love trianglewhere he wanted to help bother the detained and the deceased.

He added that they have tried to seek justice on the case only to realize that in Saudi Arabia you are murdered when found guilty of killing another person which Sheila did.

He made it clear that the only way Sheila who is in custody can be helped is through the family of mercy going to Saudi Arabia and drop the charges against her.

Mike Sonko has therefore made it clear that he can’t follow Sheila’s case again since the family of mercy will decide and he can’t coerce them.

He concluded that e will not to be rushing to help people anymore since things are getting hard on him every now and then. What is your view on this? Let’s meet in the comments section and talk about this.

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