UDA leader William Ruto during the launching of his manifesto on June 30,2022 at Kasarani Stadium.

Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed a report indicating that he almost slapped President Uhuru Kenyatta as erroneous and misleading.

The DP through his head of Presidential campaign communication Hussein Mohamed weighed in on the matter after he was subjected into numerous criticism on Sunday

In a letter complaining about two media reports, including that of him almost slapping Uhuru, the DP lamented over what he termed as “unprofessional, biased, divisive and unfair coverage”.

“The headlines titled ‘Day I almost slapped Uhuru’, is not only erroneous but deliberately misleading,” read the letter in part.

Report on Ruto saying he almost slapped Uhuru first emerged on Sunday.

An audio link of the alleged remarks by the DP was later played by Azimio spokesperson Junet Mohamed at a rally in Homa Bay County.

The alleged remarks of the DP have attracted numerous criticism from Azimio leaders and a section of Kenyans.

The Azimio camp leveraged the remarks in campaigning against the DP.

Speaking on Sunday during a campaign rally at Oyugis, Homa Bay, the County Woman Rep Gladys Wanga said the nation is now finally getting to see the real face of Ruto.

“Sisi (Homa Bay electorates) tunajua sasa Ruto wa ukweli ni nani. Yule mtu ambaye akona impuntiy mpaka anataka kupiga rais wa Kenya kofi,” she said.

This is loosely translated to, “We now know who the real Ruto is. Someone with so much impunity to a point that he wants to slap the Kenyan President.”

Former Gatanga M Peter Kenneth pointed out that the UDA leader has been lying that his friendship with Uhuru went sideways after the 2018 handshake.

“He wanted to slap Uhuru in 2017. So that means that they were on bad terms then. The rest of the things he is saying are pure lies,” he said.

The Azimio secretary General Junet Mohamed on his part chided Ruto labelling him as unfit.

“The office of the president is the highest office and deserves to be honoured. Now, Ruto if you are disrespecting it, how are Kenyans supposed to give it to you?” he posed.

He added:

“I have been shocked to read in the local dailies that Ruto said he almost slapped his boss. Homa Bay, can you vote for such a man? This is a clear indication that he is a dictator, he is disrespectful and not fit to lead Kenya.”

Junet told Ruto to respect Uhuru, adding that the President knew who he is and opted for a handshake deal with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Ruto was speaking to Kiambu elders at his Karen residence on Friday when he revealed that he restrained himself from slapping Ruto because of respect.

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