Embu Governor Martin Wambora on Monday left President Kenyatta in tears after a comedy of errors that saw him forget his main speech and carry the wrong one.

Drama started when Mr. Wambora, also the Council of Governors chairman, was invited by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to give his speech on Universal Health Coverage.

After warming up the crowd, he went to his back pocket and fished out a crumpled speech saying he wanted to share the message from the other Governors. That is when the hilarity ensued.

“On behalf of the Council of Governors, I take this opportunity to express my pleasure to be part of this national launch…” he said

Then the moment… “From the onset, ehhh, your Excellency his ni ile nilisoma kule… (This (The speech) is the one I read earlier…)

President Kenyatta, Governor Joho were uncontrollable as they burst into laughter as the poor governor tried to save face.

Governor Wambora then rushed to his bag which was under his seat and ruffled through his documents but came up empty handed.

“Hiyo ingine,” he told the President who was in near tears. “Nilisahau kwa gari ya Minister for Health lakini ni sawa…” he said trying to speak over the laughter.

He then mumbled a few words and left it at that as Governor Joho and Anyang’ Nyong’o made more fun of him.

On Monday, President Kenyatta officially opened a three-day international Health work force conference on harmonization of curriculum training for health professionals before launching the Universal Heath Coverage program at Port Reiz hospital in changamwe.


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