His Excellency the Head of State president William Ruto has finally spoken on his health after he was asked the question on Sunday evening.

Whole responding to a question by journalists in State House, he noted that he was as fit as a feeble noting that he had decided to cut on weight.

“You remember we had a very busy political period for the last one and a half years. I am very healthy, decided cut cut on weight.”His Excellency the Head of State president William Ruto noted.

He had been asked to comment on his health with journalists noting that Kenyans were worried on his weight.

The Head of State is holding a second media roundtable interview this Sunday evening with local media houses.

The interview, which is being broadcasted live on television and radio stations, comes as Kenyans concerns continue to deepen on the cost of living and new tax proposals featured in Finance Bills, 2023.

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