Popular kenyan business man, John Githere is dead. This is following the deadly accident which happened in Naivasha.

John Githere the owner of Tamasha bar was pronounced dead on the spot after his car hit a truck which was ferrying water to western region.

According to one of the witnesses who saw the whole incident, the business man was driving on high speed when he ran into the truck.

“The range rover was extensively damaged on impact and the driver who was alone died on the spot while the truck was slightly damaged,” John Ngure, the witness said.

The incident happened along Mahiu- Naivasha road where another accident was also reported.

In the second incident, four people died and scores of others were injured following an accident involving a personal car and a Nissan matatu.

In accordance to the reports, the second accident occured when a personal car rammed into a Nissan after trying to overtake a number of cars which were ahead.

A witness who saw the incident blamed the driver of personal cars for lacking patience therefore leading to the tragic accident.

“The driver of the personal car was overtaking a bus on a corner near the fly-over when he ended up ramming head-on into the incoming matatu,” he said.

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