The promiscuous security personnel whose appetite for skirts was unmatched was caught after the neighbours reported to him the ongoing illicit relationship.

The landlord who works in Bungoma laid a trap through Daktari Nyasi that eventually caught them red-handed in the act.

“I had received numerous calls and messages but when I called back to ask my wife, she vehemently denied it and added that she was faithful to me,” said the husband.

He added, “I contacted Daktari Okello Nyasi who without hesitation used his herbal medicine to nab the two lovebirds,”

He went home and applied some concoctions in her inner pant she was supposed to wear while she was taking a bath.

They were later found feeding on grass in a popular restaurant after being booked a room and spending some time in it.

They were saved by Daktari Okello Nyasi and set free after hours of agonizing.

They were later escorted to a police station as the husband vowed never to have his wife back to her matrimonial house.

He also helped Rael Nyambura a graduate who has been working as a househelp in Mathare Phase Three, to land a well-paying job.

Nyambura, a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication, has suffered for over three years looking for a well-paying job with one of the top media houses.

“After graduating in 2016, I kept sending my CV to majority of the top media houses but in vain, I chose to look for house manager’s job to make ends meet, I have worked for over three years for various couples,” she said.

Nyambura added, “One of this nice Friday’s I received a call from a top media house manager who asked me avail myself with my academic certificates, I did so and as we speak I work as a senior political reporter, I thank Daktari Nyasi for giving me herbal medicine which I have been using for three weeks.”

She called on other jobless Kenyan youths to seek his services and they never know what will happen next for them.

Daktari Okello Nyasi is a renowned, well-travelled herbal medicine researcher;

He has specialized in healing people and recovering thousands of properties through his powerful traditional powers.

He also treats fibroids, stops menstruation overflow that goes beyond normal days, low sexual libido and can also elongate the manhood for proper functioning.

“I also have medicine for protecting the homes from witches, medicine for helping you get a job or be recalled back if you had been sacked previously and I also restore broken relationships to its original status,” he said.
Okello can also get you medicine that reduces Covid-19 attack, has medicine that reduces cancer and HIV pain, treats skin diseases, and has chest medicine.

“I also protect homes from bad eyes, I got medicine to make women stick to their husbands, got medicine to increase libido in men, got medicine that protects early pregnancy in teenage girls, I also fight evil spirits, provide medicine for barren couples and restore broken marriages,” he said.

By Tuko

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