Babu Owino has today taken to social media to cry out after ODM allegedly betrayed him.Babu Owino is leading a group of ODM rebels who blame the party for betrayal and favourasim.

Babu Owino said that the party is not giving the youths an opportunity to lead instead they keep on recycling old people in the party giving them opportunities over young men and women in the party.

His sentiments were supported by Ledama Ole Kina who also said that they worked so hard for the party but they were not paid accordingly.They are blaming the party for favouring other members.

The angry Babu Owino has said that ODM party has taken his position as the chair of PAC and given to John Mbadi who has already been awarded the nomination slot.He said he won’t allow it happen over his dead body.

Oscar Sudi has supported Babu Owino on this and said that ODM has siphoning the position that belong to the youths.

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