President William Samoei Ruto made one fatal mistake during campaigns that will forever haunt him even as the Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority (EPRA) announced the new price of fuel.

EPRA had on Wednesday night announced that the fuel will now sell at 179 Kenya shillings from the 159  shillings that was left by former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

While those close to the president have tried to defend the move to hike the price of fuel and make it look okay now and not okay before elections, there are fatal mistakes that Ruto made before he took over the office.

To begin with, Ruto premised his campaign on reducing the cost of living. He made Kenyan Hustlers believe that he was the Alpha and Omega that suddenly God dropped from heaven to make Kenyans live a comfortable life after undergoing “hell” in Uhuru’s regime.

The Kenya Kwanza party leader even dismissed the steps that were taken by president Uhuru and he kept blaming him and his handshake brother that they were responsible for the high cost of living.

So serious were the blame games from Ruto’s side that they even rubbished explanations by the former government that the increase was as a result of world events such as Covid -19 and the Russian Ukraine war.

As a result, Kenyans believed Mr. Ruto then that he was the God sent leader who would finally reduce the cost of living by lowering the prices of fuel, cooking oil, and unga amongst other basic items.

However, 3 days in office and nothing has changed because the prices of unga and cooking oil are still very high. To make it worse, the price of oil, which is a major factor of production, just increased to imply that prices of many commodities will eventually go up.

While the changes in prices might be genuine changes in the market, President Ruto’s only mistake was to blame Mr. Uhuru for everything and paint himself as the savior that would come to the rescue of Kenyans at the time of need. However, that seems not to be the case and Kenyans should brace themselves for the high cost of living even under the Kenya Kwanza government.

With no one to blame including the opposition which has taken a backseat, it would be very interesting to see how the president will lower the high cost of living that he rode on during campaigns.

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