Martha Karua has made it clear on the persons to be arrested immediately she is elected into office after the August 9th polls. Karua is clear that the person to be arrested will be the corrupt whether her own brother, son or daughter.

Karua is clear she was not after revenging or having vendetta against anyone but the corrupt will definitely find their space in jail.

Karua is clear that the corrupt leaders will be locked up in jail and they will regret engaging in such a vice for the rest of their lives. Karua is clear that her biggest job once elected into office will be to fight hard against corruption to ensure its brought down to it’s knees.

Karua is clear that the corrupt leaders will face it rough going into the future for she will not save anyone including Raila Odinga allies. Karua is confident corruption will be dealt with ruthlessly in Raila’s administration and that’s something she will ensure succeeds.

However as we move into the August 9th polls let’s wait and see of whether Karua will be elected together with Raila Odinga to fight the corruption menace. The fact of the matter is that, corruption is something that fights back and ruthlessly hence a vice difficult to cure just like Helicopter Pylori is resistant to antibiotics.

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