There was confusion in Kamukuywa village, Kimilili constituency, Bungoma County, after a man thought to be dead and buried made an appearance.

It turned out that the man’s family had buried the body of someone else.

The man, by the name Wanjala, was thought to have been killed and his body mutilated beyond recognition.

The family then went to identify the body at a Webuye mortuary in 2021 and thought it was that of their kin. The body was released and the burial happened last year.

However, there is one family member who disputed that the body belonged to that of their kin.

He was overruled by the majority of family members and the body was buried.

The family was met with shock, when Wanjala returned home on August 29 this year.

He claimed he had travelled abroad and was back home.

Wanjala’s mother said her son regularly travelled outside the country for work for a period of two months, but in 2019, he left, and did not return.

Kimilili police chief Mwita Maroa urged residents to be careful when identifying bodies.

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