Media personality Betty Kyallo has responded to Nairobi man who wanted to spend time with her on Valentines day.

Taking to her social media account, the beautiful lass showed how happy she was about the young man’s message.

“Aaaaaw this is sweet. Happy valentines to you too!” posted Betty.

The man who goes by the name Skytone baby took to Nairobi streets to confess his love for Betty while carrying a red manilla paper with a photo of Betty Kyallo on his chest.

The writings on the paper read: “I can’t be lonely this valentines, I’m looking for my love the beautiful Betty Kyallo, Nairobians hook me up.”

Some of Betty Kyallo’s fans were not happy with Betty’s short reply, asking her to invite Skytone Baby for a meet up as his love was genuine.

Here are some of the comments:

“.. And this is the most genuine love you can ever have BETTY KYALLO …the best kind of relationships come in such unexpected ways… You can build a paradise with him I tell you beautiful one…! 🙌When you see this, please smile for me… I always love it when you smile Ma’ama 🥰”commented a Facebook user.

“BETTY KYALLO achanga kuchagua title, money and fame. This guy here is the kind of a person who can love you for real and make you a happy person. Follow the footsteps of Lilian Muli and you’ll never regret. Happy Vals day❤️” commented another Facebook user.

“Go find him, let him feel how other men feel when dating you. After that, mwachane tu,” another user stated.

“BETTY KYALLO Kindly go and pick your sweetheart. A silent admirer,” said a Facebook user.

Sourced from Nairobi times

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