4A leaked Whatsapp group chat in which Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria is allegedly an active member now suggest that there a plan to remove the remains of founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta from Parliament.

In the conversation, one of the members alluded that the body might have been cremated a while ago.

However, another member alleged to be Moses Kuria writes: “We must confirm the same”.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Kuria wants the body transfered to the Kenyatta Family’s home in Ichaweri, Gatundu South in Kiambu County.

The embalmed body of Kenyatta was buried in a crypt at the corner of Parliament precepts.

His final resting place remains one of Kenya’s best kept secrets.

The place is always under military protection and not accessible to journalists and members of the public unless when Kenyatta’s kin or visiting Head of States visit lay flowers.

It is not clear whether the body is still intact or if at all the corpse is in the crypt.

The alleged plan to move his body to Ichaweri comes at a time when the Kenyatta Family is under siege from the government.

On Monday, suspected government-sanctioned goons raided the Kenyatta’s Northlands Farm in Ruiru, Kiambu County and made away with livestock while others destroyed properties.

Kuria appeared to hail the invaders after he tweeted “Maguta Maguta”, a Kikuyu phrase used to describe prime plots of land.

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