Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has opened up on what led to her divorce from her ex-husband. 

The MP told a story of her upbringing in a polygamous family where marriages were arranged. 

“My father had 6 wives, we were 28 children. Most of us dropped out at class 8. I was lucky to go to learn up to form 2, after that, I joined politics in 1997. My father had planned that I get married like the rest of my siblings,” Aisha Jumwa said in an interview on NTV.

The mother of three revealed that she sired two children from her planned marriage. 

“I was given a husband, gave birth to my son and daughter. My father then asked me to contest for Takaungu Councillor in 1997.”

Her position as a councillor turned out to be the cause of her divorce from the father of her two children. 

However, Aisha denied claims that she dumped her husband – who was a fisherman- after getting into politics. 

“Divorce happens everywhere, it is there, I am not anyone’s wife…not answerable to any man in this world. People think I dumped him… but after I became a councillor, he said he can not have a wife who is a politician. He told me to choose politics or being a wife. I thought this (politics) is my career and I can not kill it,” Aisha said. 

Currently, the legislator is not married but is in a relationship. 

“I don’t have a legal husband, but life is moving on. I am not married, not thinking of it, but there is someone.” 

Despite dropping out of school at form two, Aisha Jumwa later sat her KCSE as a private candidate in 2011. 

This opened the door for her to study for a diploma, bachelors degree and Masters.

Sourced from Mpasho

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