The Director of Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign secretariat, Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok now says that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance is ready to move to court to challenge a government directive that barred the outfit from holding a public rally at Nyayo Stadium on August 6, 2022.

This comes after Sports Kenya, the body that manages Kenya’s sporting complexes, on Thursday wrote a letter to DP Ruto’s camp claiming that the venue had already been booked by the Raila Odinga-led Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

DP Ruto and Odinga intend to hold a final political function at the venue just two days before Kenyans take to the ballot on August 9.

Speaking in a press conference at DP Ruto’s Westlands Command Centre on Thursday, Nanok dismissed Sports Kenya’s order insisting that Kenya Kwanza had already entered into a binding agreement with the body after booking the grounds and making payments for the same.

“We have booked and are preparing for our last major rally on August 6, at Nyayo Stadium. This venue was booked on July 9, we signed a contract with the authority responsible for the stadium on July 12, and also received receipt of the payment on the same day. When we did this, no other political party had booked the grounds,” said Nanok.

“Let’s not fight for a venue, you let those that arrived first use the venue, yourself focus elsewhere. We are prepared to challenge the Ministry of Sports legally on that because we have a signed contact which has not been cancelled.”

While intimating that the so-called deep state was forcing Sports Kenya’s hand in order to frustrate DP Ruto, Nanok likewise challenged Azimio to provide evidence showing that the outfit actually booked the venue before Kenya Kwanza.

“We want Azimio to show proof of when they booked the stadium because they don’t have that proof. We want them to show the receipts; we are ready to share with you the details of the bookings we have done, the payments we have done, contracts that have been provided and we are ready to proceed with the arrangement we had intended,” said Nanok.

“Let Azimio look for another venue, Nairobi is big, Kenya is big they can be able to take their rally elsewhere because we beat them at this and we are prepared to do that particular rally.”

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