Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has continued to blow cold and hot on a deal he signed to support ODM leader Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in the coming poll.

Kalonzo now says that there are a couple of conditions that if are not met with Raila’s camp, he might decide to end their agreement.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV, Kalonzo said one of the things that he would consider to be a deal-breaker between him and Raila is the contentious issue of having a grand coalition between One Kenya Alliance and the Azimio la Umoja Movement called the Azimio-OKa coalition.

Kalonzo said that the deal he signed with Azimio la Umoja was to form a grand coalition called Azimio-OKA and that if Raila’s camp can’t honour the deal, he might walk out of their engagement.

The Wiper leader who exuded confidence that he will work with the former Prime Minister till the end noted that should he opt to walk out of the deal, Raila would be to blame.

“The Azimio-OKA coalition deal will not fail, God willing, but if it fails, it will not be because of me. But if somebody comes with shenanigans and for example changes the name from Azimio-OKA to Azimio la Umoja, I will tell the country, because that was agreed and I don’t think anybody can blame me for that.

“Changing the name that we agreed and signed would be a deal-breaker. No, I can’t have Azimio la Umoja and I will tell the country that somebody is acting in bad faith and I am sure they will understand,” he said.

Raila’s camp has, however, denied claims that they agreed to change the name of Azimio la Umoja to Azimio-OKA as claimed by the former vice president.

In a statement issued by his presidential campaign secretariat a few days ago, Raila said that they only signed a deal with OKA’s individual parties and not as a coalition.

The secretariat’s spokesperson Prof Makau Mutua said that they couldn’t enter a coalition-to-coalition deal because the new political parties law does not allow for such provisions.

“What was signed on Saturday was an agreement to form the Azimio coalition party. That is what was signed on Saturday,” Mutua said.

“Parties come to Azimio as individual political parties, they don’t come as alliances or coalitions. So whether it was Wiper, whether it was KANU, or whether it was ODM they all signed into that agreement as individual parties.”

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