Samburu constituency Member of Parliament, Naisula Lesuuda, recounted how she was overwhelmed by emotions while seeking answers to the rampant bandit attacks

Lesuuda broke down when Interior CS, Kithure Kindiki, was vetted by the National Assembly Committee on Appointments. 

The MP, on Thursday, October 27, stated that her tears were meant to initiate nationwide discussions on the decades-old menace that has seen thousands lose lives.

“I shed tears that day to champion this national discourse we are now having on the banditry and its effects,” she explained.

Lesuuda is a member of the National Assembly Committee on Appointments that vetted nominated Cabinet Secretaries. 

“What strategy do you have to end this menace once and for all so that as a leader, I can execute my other national duties and concern myself only with security matters?” she questioned.

Furthermore, the former journalist said she is always passionate about curbing banditry. 

She, however, noted that she was pleased with Kithure’s response and approach to ending the menace. 

“I appreciate the answer Kindiki gave, I will be working with him to solve the issue,” she added.

Kindiki vowed to ruthlessly deal with the bandits and cattle rustlers noting that developed nations also resort to applying extra force to solve problems and protect the majority.

“I have no apologies to make about this. Criminals have to be faced as criminals, period! We will do to criminals what needs to be done to them under both national and international law,” he added.

By kenyans

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