The Kenyan Government has institutionalized a nationwide crackdown on all school buses in a strategic move fostered ensuring strict conformity to the newly institutionalized road and traffic rules and regulations.

Addressing via the Ministry of Transport today the 9th day of May 2023, the Kenyan Government has banned all school buses from operating at night is a devoted move geared towards curbing the skyrocketing cases of accidents.

The Kenyan Government has announced that going forward, no school buses will be allowed to operate outside the newly institutionalized hours of 5.00am to 10.00pm.

The government sentiments essentially means that no school bus, effective immediately, is allowed to travel between the nighttime hours of 10.01pm and 4.59am.

The Kenyan Government has further directed the National Transport and Safety Authority to ensure that all school buses are well fitted will speed limiters, seat belts and that the buses envisage a valid motor vehicle inspection certificate. It further directed the state agency to ensure that school buses do not overload and that all drivers embody a driving licence.

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