While addressing a local journalist at his Karen resident today, 13th of September, the deputy president-elect Rigathi Gachagua gave reasons why he looked physically unfit during the election campaign period.

“We didn’t have the luxury to come here and workout and sit pretty. We had to do eight to ten meetings a everyday. That’s how with the help of God we were able to clinch the victory.” Rigathi noted.

Rigathi noted that during the campaigns the Kenya Kwanza affiliated politicians had no time to focus on their physical fitness because they were facing rough time. Rigathi alleged that they were being targeted for elimination and some of them were being arrested and put into detention without any reason.

Rigathi also questioned why people in social media were focusing on his dressing code. He noted that he was only focusing on his life and that of his family and not how he should be dressing.

“I know many have been raising questions probably the way I dress. I want to tell the people, I didn’t have the luxury to think about how I dress, I was caring about my life, I was in danger.” Rigathi said.

He has also promised to have a physical transformation after three months as he is currently focusing on his fitness by going to the gym.

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