This is meant to give all government employees within the devolved unit an opportunity to attend the Roan Antelope half marathon.

Ms Wanga said workers in the county will not report for duties.

Instead, they will go to Ruma National Park to run and have fun.

The county government has organized a marathon within the park to build conservation efforts for the roan antelope.

There are only 25 roans in the country and all of them are in Homa Bay.

Ms Wanga said this makes her county special.

The county boss noted visitors going to the park are people from other places.

“We have people who were born here but have never gone to Ruma. This is an opportunity to go there and see the park,” Ms Wanga said.

She told her employees that no action will be taken against them if they do not report to the office on Friday.

She also directed heads of departments to organize how the workers can attend the marathon.

However, not all employees will be away.

Those offering essential services will be required to be at their stations.

They include health staff.

Ms Wanga said revenue and enforcement officers must also work.

“Health services provision, tax collection, and security must continue. The rest of the services may take a break,” she said.

A lot of activities have been planned besides the marathon.

A day before the race on Saturday, participants will engage in other activities at the park including games drives and other sporting events.

Participants will use a water bus from Homa Bay town to Mbita before a drive to the park.

All these are meant to showcase some of the tourist sites in the county.

Later in the evening, there will be camps at Ruma where stories and history of some of the tourism sites in the county will be shown.

Ms Wanga has her fingers crossed that visitors will see the sites and visit the places in the future.

“Travel and tours companies should now focus on Homa Bay. We are probably the only county with a lake and a game park,” she said.

The governor said she wants to raise awareness about her county by marketing it to the outside world.

“Homa Bay is beautiful. We want to empower our people by putting money into their pockets by opening up investment opportunities,” Governor Wanga said.

It will also be an opportunity for hoteliers to cash in from the marathon.

Akothee will be among the artists who will entertain guests.

Sourced from Nation.

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