Mugithi musician Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo, on Friday, March 10, expressed optimism that justice would prevail while speaking on Jeff Mwathi’s death for the first time.

Addressing the media outside his apartments in Kasarani, the musician indicated that everyone was seeking the truth regarding what happened in the wee hours of February 22.

He thanked his fans who he described as very supportive adding that his team and himself would emerge victorious.

“I want to thank them so much. Let the support continue.Tutashinda(we shall win),” he stated.

The DJ added that he would invite the media in due course to discuss more regarding the case.

“I am glad that you are here and I know that you love me. For me, we just want to know the truth and we believe that justice will prevail. My management will give you a date when we can speak and talk more,” he exuded confidence.

The entertainer made the statement after homicide detectives based at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters in Kiambu Road visited the apartments to recreate the scene of Mwathi’s last moments.

Earlier, his lawyer, Charles Mugane, had indicated that the musician – who was not in the compound at the time of the fall – would cooperate with the police to unravel what transpired during his absence.

“He (Fatxo) is cooperating with the ongoing investigations. All the times that he has been summoned to appear since the death of Geoffrey, he has been available,” the lawyer stated.

DJ Fatxo is reported to have met up with the 23-year-old on February 22 as he sought to hire the interior designer.

The duo, later on, visited various entertainment joints and arrived at the Fatxo’s apartments minutes after 3 am in the company of three women, the DJ’s cousin and the driver.

Mwathi was left in the house with the two men as the DJ left with the women at around 4 am.

One hour later, CCTV footage captured the 23-year-old in the air before landing on the ground floor.

On her part, Mwathi’s mother, Hannah Wacuka, refuted claims that her son died by suicide adding that the 23-year-old did not have suicidal thoughts.

“I was worried about him and asked him whether he had gone back home. He told me he was still with the DJ who would drop him home and we still talked for a while after that conversation before his phone went silent,” she stated.

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