A police officer attached to the elite presidential escort unit died by suicide in a bizarre incident in his house in Juja, Kiambu County.

Constable Samuel Ngatia who was attached to Deputy President William Ruto’s security team died after shooting himself in the head on Monday morning.

The motive behind the incident is yet to be known and police are conducting investigations.

He was alone in the house within the General Service Unit’s Recce squad camp along Kenyatta Road at the time of the incident.

He used his pistol to blow up his head and preliminary findings show the bullet entered on the right side and exited on the left side, officials who visited the scene said.

A Jericho pistol loaded with 13 bullets and a Trevor Sub Machine Gun with two magazines loaded with 30 bullets were found in the house.

Police also recovered two spent cartridges and one bullet head.

The body was moved to the mortuary.

Ngatia, 35, had two children. He had apparently separated from his wife two years ago, a family friend said.

“He did not look stressed when we met last Friday and we are waiting for word from the police on the incident,” said a close family member.

A team of detectives from Thika and Juja are investigating the incident.

Such incidents have been on the rise in the service amid calls to address the trend.

Police officers’ relationships with their families, their colleagues and seniors among other issues have been identified as some of the causes of such incidents.

Police authorities received a report on the causes of shootings by police officers targeting their colleagues.

The probe was done by a team of officers led by Aggrey Adoli with a view to establishing the causes and also remedial actions.

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