William Ruto today has received another powerful member of parliament from Nairobi county where he was having his regular campaigns.

The second in command today toured the Nairobi and it’s environs where he made several stopovers before retreating to his Karen official residential place.

During the tour, Ruto took credit of the Jubilee track records for the past years where he talked about roads to the eastlands, electricity connectivity, buillding of schools among other things.

He also promised to do more should he be elected the 5th president of the republic of kenya to take over president Uhuru Kenyatta whose term of office ends this year.

During his tours, it was revealed that the long term rumoured member of parliament for Embakasi West has now officially joined the Hustler batallion.Honourable George Theuri has been very silent on taking political sides between joining United Democratic Alliance of William Ruto or remaining in Jubilee under Uhuru Kenyatta.

The influential law maker on his side said he is now in UDA and will support William Ruto presidency. He also said he will defend his seat on UDA party ticket.

This is another win for William Ruto as he now have more elected leaders from the Nairobi rich vote hunting area. Ruto now controls Embakasi West, South and North.

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