A considerable lot of us experience issues figuring out the principal distinctions between different kinds of electronics, and recognizing a Smart TV and an Android TV can be challenging to people who are not excessively technically knowledgeable.

The Android TV and Smart TV are very similar, with slight differences depending on the nature of use.

What is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV is a television with an embedded operating system (OS) with internet connectivity to access services such as apps, games, videos, and much more. Its ability to connect to the internet and having features such as Netflix, YouTube, or Facebook pre-installed are predominantly the most main features that distinguish it from normal TV sets.

Smart TV provides internet access, allowing you to stream web content directly to your television, hence also known as an Internet TV.

What is an Android TV?

An Android TV connects to the internet like a Smart TV and comes with built-in apps. It is Google’s response to the increasing demand by the market for streamable content.

Android TVs can connect to the Google Play Store and download and update apps like Android smartphones. This means that any company can develop apps for the Android TV platform.

In addition, many Android TVs have microphones on their Tv remotes to utilize Google Assistant as more and more people are asking questions hands-free.

The fundamental difference between Android TV and Smart TV is the operating system they run on. Android Tv has an operating system similar to that of Android phones. Smart TVs have their operating system (OS), E.g. LG WebOS.

Advantages of Android TV over Smart Tv.

– Android TV provides an ecosystem for other Android smartphones.

– Android TV’s access to Google Play Store is an advantage in that most if not all apps on your android smartphone can be installed and run in it.

– Android TV has Google Chrome making web browsing easier and Google Assistant is much better than the voice assistant in Smart TVs.

Advantages of Android TV over Smart TV.

-Smart TV’s embedded operating system (OS) provides a fast boot-up time whenever turned on.

– Smart Tv provides a smooth viewing experience when moving around apps, unlike Android TV, which can sometimes feel slower.

 Android TV or Smart TV, which is to choose?

In my opinion, the choice depends on preference and budget. Both TVs have their benefits with their downside too.

A Smart TV is in most cases more expensive. It cannot match its competitors’ limitless features but does provide a much more straightforward experience, especially if you are unfamiliar with Android devices.

I’ll choose an Android TV over Smart TV. If you do not plan to exploit all capabilities of an Android OS, then you should probably stick to a Smart TV.

Share your opinion in the comment section. What would you prefer?

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