A ‘tweet’ allegedly from United States President Joe Biden reacting to Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto’s visit to the US is fake.

The misleading ‘tweet’ claimed that President Biden weighed in on Ruto’s visit to the White House on Thursday.

It claims that the US president denied Ruto’s visit to the White House and meeting him in the same State House.

In the fake tweet, ‘Biden’ also added that Ruto toured the US just as a tourist.

“It has come to my attention that Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto is said to have had a closed-door meeting with me at White House. I would like to put it clear that, I have not had any meetings with him. Ruto is in America as a tourist. White House is a public place, ” the fake tweet reads.

Pesacheck has established that the purported ‘tweet’ from Biden is fake.

Though the Twitter username and handle are that of President Biden, a scan through his official social media handles shows that the US president has not issued any statement on the DP’s visit.

This means the originator of the content crafted fake information in the name of President Biden to mislead the public ostensibly for political expediency.

It is on that backdrop that Kenyans should treat such a message with the contempt it deserves.

One should always visit the official and verified social media handles of such prominent persons to verify if the information they come across in their name is posted on their true pages.

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