Busia woman representative Florence Mutua has said she will lead a protest against Deputy President William Ruto for his recent attack on Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

While responding to Wamalwa’s claims that he (DP) almost slapped him, the DP referred to Wamalwa as a woman, saying he does not slap women.

This seemed to have angered the woman rep, who read misogyny in Ruto’s response to the CS, came out guns blazing and questioned what the DP meant by referring to Wamalwa as a woman.

“It is quite sad but not shocking that DP Ruto can actually call someone we respect, CS Eugene, a woman. We need to know when DP realised CS Eugene was a woman.

Secondly, calling CS Eugene a woman means what? That women are lesser creatures? So what is he going to call us women? Hyenas?”

Demonstrations in Western Kenya
Mutua, famously known as Mama Ni Mmoja, maintained she will lead protests demanding DP’s apology for demeaning women and insulting Wamalwa.

“We are going to hold serious demonstrations as Western women and tell DP Ruto not to expect any support from us Western women for first abusing our men and secondly demeaning us women,” she said.
The woman representative also said Ruto should not hunt votes in Western Kenya.

“Let him go and look for votes elsewhere Western is locked for Baba na Martha. Baba respected women and gave us HE Martha Karua,” she said.

By Tuko

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