The government has made known its areas of priority for the next financial year as it tabled Uhuru Kenyatta’s final budget amounting Ksh.3.3 trillion.
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani, in his budget statement for the next financial year, outlined sectors it will invest the most money as the government seeks to boost the economy after a devastating two years of Covid-19 shocks.

“In light of the revenue challenges and significant expenditure demands, spending in the FY 2022/23 will focus on supporting economic recovery and the “Big Four” Agenda to ensure the highest impact on the well-being of Kenyans,” said CS Yatani.

Education received the lion’s share of the pie with Ksh.513.8 billion allocated to it, Infrastructural Development was allocated Ksh.368.5 billion while National Security received Ksh.317.9 billion and President Kenyatta’s pet project, the Big Four received Ksh.146.9 billion.

Under Big Four, Ksh.10.1 billion will go to supporting manufacturing for job creation, Ksh.46.8 billion will go towards enhancing food and nutrition security.

A further Ksh.62.3 billion will be earmarked for providing Universal Health Coverage to guarantee quality and affordable healthcare to all Kenyans and Ksh.27.7 billion will go towards the provision of Affordable and Decent Housing for all Kenyans.

Here is how the Big Four Agenda monetary allocation looks like;

On Universal Health Coverage, key allocations to the sector include:

Ksh 5.2 billion for Managed Equipment Services
Ksh 4.1 billion for Free Maternity Health Care
Ksh 1.9 billion for Medical cover for the elderly and severely disabled in our society
Ksh 9.3 billion for Roll out of Universal Health Coverage
Ksh 18.1 billion for Kenyatta National Hospital
Ksh 11.7 billion for Moi Referral and Teaching Hospital
Ksh 7.7 billion for Kenya Medical Training Centre
Ksh 7.7 billion for Universal Health Coverage Coordination and Management Unit
Ksh 5.2 billion for Vaccines and Immunizations
Ksh 1.2 billion for Procurement of Family Planning and Reproductive health commodities
Ksh 900 million for Transforming Health systems for UHC
Ksh 619.0 billion for Procurement of equipment at the National Blood Transfusion Services
Ksh 1.1 billion for Kenya National Hospital Burns and Paediatrics Centre
Ksh 300 million for Procurement of Cyber Knife Radiotherapy Equipment for KUTTRH
Ksh 2.0 billion for Construction and strengthening of Cancer Centers

Ksh 16.2 billion for Global Fund (HIV, Malaria, TB)
Supporting the Growth of Manufacturing for Continued Job Creation

Ksh.2.6 billion for Development of a Freeport and Industrial parks-SEZ Mombasa
Ksh.1.0 billion for Credit Guarantee Scheme
Ksh.3.0 billion

Supporting Access to Finance and Enterprise Recovery (SAFER)

Ksh.1.3 billion for Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship project
Ksh.626.0 million for Provision of finances to SMEs in manufacturing sector KIE
Ksh.200.0 million for Constituency Industrial Development Centre
Ksh.85.0 million for Development of SEZ Textile Park in Naivasha

Ksh.142.8 million for Cotton development (RIVATEX)-subsidy and extension support
Ksh.410.4 million for Modernization of RIVETED
Provision of Affordable and Decent Housing for All Kenyans

Key allocations include:

Ksh.4.6 billion for Operationalization of Kenya Mortgage and Refinance Company (KMRC)
Ksh.7.7 billion for Kenya Affordable Housing Project (Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company)
Ksh.1.0 billion for Construction of affordable Housing Units;

Ksh.5.9 billion for Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Project – Phase II
Ksh.1.05 billion for Housing Units for National Police and Kenya Prisons;
Ksh.2.3 billion for Kenyan Urban programme (KenUP).
Ksh.1.2 billion for Construction of Social Housing units

Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security to all Kenyans In FY 2022/23 budget, Ksh.46.8 billion has been allocated. Key allocations in this budget include:

Ksh.4.2 billion for National Agricultural and Rural Inclusivity project
Ksh.1.5 billion for Small Scale Irrigation and Value Addition Project;

Ksh.1.7 billion for Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme
Ksh.1.9 billion for Emergency Locusts Response
Ksh.1.6 billion for National Value Chain Support Project;
Ksh.690 million for Food Security and Crop Diversification Project
Ksh.7.0 billion for Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project
Ksh.1.1 billion for Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme II
Ksh.2.6 billion for Aquaculture Business Development Project;

Ksh.2.8 billion for Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Development Project
Ksh.1.3 billion for Exploitation of Living

Resources under the Blue Economy
Ksh.1.65 billion for Kenya Livestock Commercialization programme (KeLCoP)


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