Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru once owned a palatial home that is located in Kihingo village in Kitisuru, Nairobi.

Few years back, the property became a matter of discussion after the developers sought to evict Waiguru over a debt.

Apparently, Waiguru was to fully own the property after paying Kshs80 million. The parties reached the agreement back in 2015 whereby the governor paid half of the required amount.

Waiguru however failed to clear the debt even though she had said that she had an agreement with KCB Group to offer an additional Sh. 40 million as mortgage although the agreement was not completed.

According to her, the developers were responsible for the delay in the mortgage agreement.

“The delay in completion of the said agreement has been occasioned by the respondents who have failed to deliver the completion documents to enable the bank to register a charge against it before releasing the balance of the purchase price,” said Waiguru in court documents.

The developers however denied receiving any money from Waiguru and went ahead to demand rent for the time that she had been staying in the property which amounted to about Kshs266 million since 2015 and an additional Kshs 250 million for her to own the property.

Waiguru told the court that she was not a tenant but a buyer of the property.

“I am not a tenant in the suit property but a purchaser who has so far paid half the purchase price in line with the provisions of the lease agreement dated 25th September 2015,’ she said.

The high-count however allowed eviction of Waiguru in June last year  saying that the developers still owned the property since she had not completed the payment.

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