President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued bad news to Orange Democratic Movement party (ODM) leader Raila Odinga after hinting that he won’t help clinch the presidency come 2022.

Speaking at a function in Mombasa where he was addressing the youth, President Uhuru told Raila and other political leaders not to wait for him to give them power come 2022.

According to the head of state, the leadership of the country is up for grabs and those waiting for him to give it to them power will get it rough.

The president further noted that anyone who wants to lead must grab their positions and own it.

“Uongozi ni watu ni kuchukuwa wanachukua sio kupatiwa unapatiwa. Kama unangoja kupatiwa, basi no problem, utangojea mpaka muwe wazee na wengine wakuje.

“You must take it (leadership), you must grab it, you must move with it and you must take ownership,” the president said.

The statement by the Head of State might have poured cold water on the speculations that he is pushing for Raila to be his successor after he retires in 2022.

On several occasions, President Uhuru has hinted that he wanted Raila to be his successor. The most recent time he hinted that is when he was in Nakuru last month when he asked the youth to elect a president who will listen to their problem regardless of their age.

It now remains to be known if the president will keep his support for Raila or he has changed his mind following his recent statement.

Source: Kenyan report

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