President William Ruto has made some changes at State House since his inauguration on Tuesday last week. 

Below are 4 Notable Changes President Ruto has done since Uhuru’s exit. 

Changing the Presidential Standard

President Ruto has replaced the presidential standard that hangs in the State House. During his inauguration, Ruto displayed his standard, a flag used in many countries as a symbol of the head of state.

The standard was changed just minutes after Ruto arrived at State House for his inaugural party.

Ruto’s standard is yellow with a wheelbarrow symbol, which is linked with the United Democratic Party Alliance (UDA).

Changing the Presidential Portrait

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s image was replaced with Ruto’s when he left office to indicate a change in command.

Ruto’s official image was unveiled at his inauguration shortly after Uhuru handed over power to his successor.

Removing Mounted Photos

Uhuru welcomed Ruto to State House prior to his inauguration, as has been the custom for many years. After the inauguration Uhuru’s portraits on the State House walls were removed. Ruto has also changed seats in the President’s office at State House. 

Changes in the State House official pages

Minutes after President William Ruto was inaugurated, the State House replaced their social media profile with his photo. 

However, the profile was later changed to a State House photo with Ruto’s presidential standard and the East African Community (EAC) flag showing.

Kanze Dena is still serving as the State House spokesperson since Ruto has not yet made any significant appointments at the State House.

The department is most likely to see changes in the upcoming weeks, with insiders suggesting Hussein Mohammed could take Kanze Dena’s place.

By Kdrtv

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